Returns Policy

Return Policy and Replacement of Goods

We are committed in the Egyptian cotton website to evaluate the best purchase experience, however if different products are sent from the requested products or if the products are defective, we can return the item for free without any additional costs provided that the following conditions are met:

  •   The returned item should be in its original cover
  •    Returned goods shall not be opened (excluding defective goods)
  •            Returned goods shall not be used (except for defective goods)

       Please note that if these terms are not met in the returned item, they will not be returned and will be returned to the customer.

If these conditions are met in the returned item, you can complete the re-order form on the website and the officer will contact you to retrieve the order.

1) If the item is sent different than requested

Unfortunately this is our fault and we apologize for that! Please let us know within 7 days of receiving the item and we will make sure that you have received the item you requested.

2) In case the goods are defective

If the item is defective please contact customer service and replace the item within 7 days from the date of receipt. The item will be replaced within 5 working days from the return of the defective item to the store.

3) If the customer does not wish to send the item

If the customer does not want the item, it can be replaced by another item sold on the Egyptian cotton shop website or you can get back your money (by getting a gift voucher from the Egyptian cotton shop). Please note that if the customer requests to change the item, he must return the item sent to him for the new item.