About Us

Who are we ?

We are an Egyptian Company specialized in marketing Egyptian cotton products locally and internationally, protecting and defending it to shine on its throne.

Our goal is to make the experience of shopping in Egyptian cotton products a distinctive, enjoyable, safe and reliable experience worthy of the excellence and distinction of Egyptian cotton.

The story 

The Egyptian cotton society conducted a market study to find out the extent of deception in the use of the Egyptian Cotton Mark and found that 90% of cotton products are called Egyptian cotton and this is not true. 

From here come the idea of establishing an online shop to sell original Egyptian cotton products are dealt with.

All the products offered are certified as 100% Egyptian cotton, for example the Egyptian cotton logo from the Egyptian Cotton Association where certificates are given after passing the strict standards that must be passed by the advanced industrial companies to obtain the license to use the Egyptian cotton logo for the first time or renewal, including the submission of all invoices for purchases of Egyptian cotton or yarn made of Egyptian cotton in quantities commensurate with the volume of sales of products made of, and that there is a code system to track all stages of production to the final product.  

The Egyptian Cotton Association also reviews the quality reports that show the technical description of Egyptian cotton,

The logo is also given only after the names and places of the final product are known, the company withdraws random samples from the retail outlets and performs the DNA analysis of this products to ensure this conformity, The association also pursues all cases of wrong practices that have been proven anywhere in the world.

Why Egyptian cotton ?

Egyptian Cotton is characterized by its ''long staple" and is characterized by the softness that qualifies for use in manufacture of high quality textiles.

Egyptian cotton is distinctive and unique, where the fertile agricultural lands of the Nile and the appropriate climate provide ideal conditions for Egyptian cotton of its kind.

Over the last three centuries, Egyptian cotton has dominated as the highest quality. with a solid reputation of being the "best'' cotton in the world, its softness, strength  and superior properties, the products made of Egyptian cotton have been developed as the best products in the world. 

Egyptian cotton did not gain this reputation for no reason. Egyptian cotton is the finest cotton in the world and the following characteristics are what distinguishes Egyptian cotton away from other natural fibers:

* The fiber length makes it possible to manufacture the fines threads without sacrificing the strength of yarn.

* Fiber strength makes the fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress.

* Fabrics  made of Egyptian cotton have a great ability to absorb liquids so their colors are deeper, brighter and firmer.

* A feeling of unmatched softness in the world.   

Egyptian cotton is manually harvested to ensure the highest levels of purity. In addition to it, harvesting by hand does not put any pressure on the fibers - unlike the mechanical harvest - and leaves the fibers straight and intact.

All this factors led to the Egyptian cotton being considered the best cotton in the world. Egyptian cotton fabrics are soft, finer and longer than any other cotton in the world.